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Welcome to the Java Skinny. This is a collection of resources about Java designed to assist with studying for and taking the Java Certification Exam.

Currently this site is under development and I only have a few files that I am working on available. You feedback on information in these file would be very valuable. Send any comments to me at

Some study materials that I have put together:

  • Certification Topics
    A list of the Certification Topics with explanations and source code. This is a first (rough) draft.
  • Certification Example
    The example from the Java Certification site the answer and explaination.


Online Resources

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The Java Certification Study Group provides resources and discussions lists about Java certification.

Focus on Java has a good Java Certification page

Barry Boon's Learn Java site has some good information about Java Certification. He wrote a couple of the books about Java Certification.

Digital Think offers two Java Certification prep cources:

The Java tutorial on the JavaSoft site is very detailed and a good place to start learning about Java. You can also download the tutorial for study off-line.

Another good Java tutorial is The Real Scoop on Java, Richard Baldwin's Java Programming Tutorials. It has a couple of tutorials:



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A product that is targetted for those taking the Certified Java Programmer Examination.

Certification Books

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None of this page (or my Java Certification) would have been possible without the help and support of the Java Study Group. There is a really great Java Resources page at their site.


I have added a list of Java Certification books to the Acme Rocket Bookshelf.

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